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Totally Christian Karate is a Christ-centered martial art that is self-defense based, made for all ages from 5 to adult. Little Warriors (ages 5-7) will be from 6-6:45, and Warriors (ages 8 and up) will be from 6:45 to 8pm at both locations. Topical Bible studies and Bible verses are integral parts of the classes, joined with a serious martial arts study.

Hello TCK students and family,
         We will be starting classes at Covenant on August 14th. We are excited to get started this semester. If you are returning, or it’s your first time come on out and join us. Classes are on Mondays and for ages 7 and under start at 6 pm and class for ages 8 and up start at 6:45 pm.

Covenant Community Church is located at 11 Rocket Drive, Asheville.
Hope to see you on the 14th!

Classes are $40 for little warriors (per mo.) and $60 for Warriors. There is also a registration fee of $40 per person. Family discounts apply, the second person in a family is 1/2 off and each thereafter, so if you have a warrior and 2 little warriors, the price –would be $60+20+20 (example) with registration at $120. There is a family cap of $120 per month. Check us out on facebook at : For more information call 828-450-3513
God Bless,


For More Information Please Contact: Trevor Besosa

828-450-3513  or email;

Journey Christian News Article



“Everyone needs to know how to protect themselves in a threatening situation,” says Tracy Radford of Totally Christian Karate (TCK). For 20 years, this fifth-level black belt martial arts instructor has been equipping children and adults to defend themselves against both physical and spiritual attacks.

“TCK is a fully insured, safe, humane mixed martial arts program,” she says. “We won’t teach you how to be a bully. We teach only self-defense and containment so that students, ages 4 to 80, can protect themselves and possibly a friend or family member.”
Radford started martial arts training at age 13. “I was a hyper kid. It helped me focus and gave me an outlet for all my energy.” Years later, she met TCK’s founder, Mitch Freistat. She enrolled as a student and became an instructor. When Freistat moved to Florida, Radford took over the leadership of Asheville TCK. “I’ve known some of the students since they were five years old, and many are now TCK instructors. They’ve overcome physical challenges, learning disabilities, and family tragedies. They’re more than students. They’re family—my spiritual children and grandchildren.”
“The physical training supports us in spiritual battles, not the other way around. We may never have to defend ourselves or our loved ones physically, but as Christians we’ll be engaged in spiritual warfare daily.” Integral to TCK training are 104 Bible studies, which are mastered alongside 104 martial arts skills during a two-year period. “Every move has a name, like ‘shield of faith’ and ‘belt of truth.’ Students learn scripture verses with each move.” Every 75-minute class includes cardio warm-ups and stretch drills, learning a new move, working in skill-level groups, Bible study and prayer.
“Everyone is encouraged to give their absolute best, but we also understand that everyone’s best is different,” Radford adds. “I have ADD myself, so I know how effective the TCK system is with students who have learning disabilities. It combines movement with learning and increases their focus and self-control.” TCK welcomes both “at risk” students and children in therapeutic foster care. “Sometimes they only participate for a few weeks or months, but the Bible truths we plant in their hearts each week may produce fruit we never see.”
TCK also offers demonstrations and seminars based on the armor of God, which are suitable for VBS programs, schools, and youth groups. Women’s self-defense classes are available as well.
Because the Biltmore Square Mall closed, Radford is looking for a new facility with at least 2500 square feet. Currently, classes meet at four different area churches—Covenant Community, Biltmore Baptist, the ACTS church, and Trinity of Fairview.
“Other martial arts programs teach that power comes from within you, that you can do anything. At TCK we teach the opposite: power is God-given and we can’t do anything without Him. We are fearfully and wonderfully made, but what empowers us is knowing Whose we are.”
“We take a sport, something active, and make it a part of your daily faith walk.” Martial arts makes it fun, but the spiritual warfare training makes it invaluable for any Christian of any age.
The first class is free, so why not give Totally Christian Karate a chance to “kick” your spirit and body into optimum shape?
For more information about the classes, demonstrations, and seminars TCK offers, visit or call 828.299.7402.

What is Totally Christian Karate? Our founder Mitch Freistat says –       

Totally Christian Karate® is a serious martial art and a serious spiritual warfare course. TCK combines 104 American, Japanese, Korean and Chinese techniques and concepts into an eclectic and original art. All the names of the 104 techniques have been changed to a scripture title. There is a scripture memory verse and Bible study for each technique. This gives the student the context and concepts of each technique biblically and the weapon of the memory verse to renew the mind and heart.

It is my prayer that through studying Totally ChristianKarate, your love, understanding, devotion, and personal relationship with Jesus Christ will mature and grow into a lifestyle glorifying to God.

Physically, the art trains the student first to:

AVOID. If the student cannot avoid they must

ESCAPE If the student cannot escape they must

BLOCK – If they cannot block they must

CREATE PAIN – Just enough to get the attacker’s mind off of the attack

TAKE CONTROL – Minister to that person, because the Lord loves them as much as He loves us.

 Spiritually, the art trains the student first to:








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