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Learn a safe, humane mixed martial art and the application of the Word of God

Totally Christian Karate home groups can be done in your own home and I bring the mats and training gear. We don’t need as much room as you may think. It is a serious but fun time learning a Chinese, Japanese, Korean and American Mixed Martial Art along with physical and spiritual discipline and love for God. The home group can also be a time when  parents can spend time together talking and ministering to each other as you make close friends.   

              “Over the past two years my kids have participated in a program called Totally Christian Karate with Mitchell Freistat. The program alone is fantastic but then you throw in the relationship that is developed with a man of God who speaks truth out of love into the hearts and minds of your kids and you are beyond blessed. If you want to host your own home group please contact him. Listen it is doable and the value to your kids is beyond compare!”- Laura Pittman

              “It’s the most amazing class. Our boys love it. It is so encouraging and uplifting to be a part of such a Jesus centered hour, the boys have learned so much… Mitchell Freistat is the boys teacher and creator of Totally Christian Karate and Gentleness.”
..Michelle Lawson / Michelle Lawson Photography

          ” I Love ending each week with Totally Christian Karate! So thankful to Mr Mitchell Freistat for speaking into these little lives. And not just speaking into their life but teaching them all about Jesus and his word… The Karate is a Bonus!! Boys and Girls will benefit from this amazing class!”— Belinda Cordileone

Train with the Founder  Mitchell Freistat

 I bring Everything that we need to workout!

Local South Florida Sessions

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$10.00 per Student per Session / 5 Student Minimum

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